Lebanon under fire

You know, i just have to rant a little about the whole situation in Lebanon.
I don’t understand Israel, i don’t understand how they think, how they can ever justify, their actions and i can’t understand how they are able to stand on two feet – as that obviously takes more brainpower than they are currently displaying.

First, attacking Lebanon does not increase the security in the state of Israel.
In fact is does the exact opposite, this whole episode started when a group of misguided youngsters kidnapped a equally young and misguided Israeli soldier, this was not a particularly smart move.
Because of this Israel entered Gaza with tanks, bulldozers, gunships, jet fighters and other WTFPWN machines, this wasn’t either a smart move, that was an overreaction similar to killing a fly with a claymore mine.
Now everybody reacted to this, even the US though it was a little bit over the top, and Hizbollah started launching their rockets into Haifa.
Naturally Israel just had to overreact, this time they just had to bomb Lebanon.
But here is the thing, Lebanon is innocent, Hizbollah is actually a Syrian organization with suspected contacts to it’s government, how else would they get the thousands of rockets they constantly fire into Israel, i used to be in the artillery and that is not some kind if IED it’s military ordinance, the Germans used something like this in WW2.

Speaking of witch, why is it that for every day that passes Israel looks more and more like the Germans did during WW2.
And Israel if any should have leaned that particular lesson.

So, now that Israel are committing war crimes every day by targeting civilians and protected buildings, like the airport, they almost hit a jet plane full of tourists – and the irony is that if they would have hit that plane and it would have been full of American tourists this whole thing would have ended within 24 hours – Targeting a Civilian airport of an innocent country is nothing else than a war crime, it’s not even in the gray zone and you cant claim that your just defending yourself – from what, the dreaded Boeing 767 tactical recreational reconnaissance personnel carrier – Now targeting the UN compound is also not good.

Israel claimed that it was an accident, but you don’t bomb an compound for hours with laser guided bombs and your commanding officer knows that the target in question is of limits by accident.
We will just have to wait and see how it plays out, but if the army asks me to go to protect Lebanon, i wouldn’t refuse.

And now for something completely different.
My sister finally revealed the name of her kid this weekend, it’s “Evan” witch means “young warrior”, it’s really fitting if you have seen him in action, he already knows charge, rend and next week he will learn hamstring. Couldn’t resist the WoW joke there.

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