September 17 is an important date, this day has more chance to cause more fatalities if all goes wrong than 9/11.
I am of cause talking about the Swedish parliamentary election, and this one is going to be as close as ever, there are more players, more crazy ideas, and a cabal of four of the largest parties that is overtly in it only because they feel that it is their turn to rule, well it’s not, i hope.

The reason is simple, they want to change a whole lot of things, like property tax, they want to remove it completely, now this is bad and will of cause benefit rich people mostly and it it a good tax to begin with, hey even the US has higher property tax than Sweden, and Swedish taxes are traditionally one of the highest in the world, we like it that way, it makes us better than you.

Now that’s not all, they have lot’s of bad suggestions, like reducing the unemployment insurance, hey it’s an insurance, people pay for it, so don’t touch it.
And among this they want to lower taxes to the left and right.

Now if you an American or just plainly stupid and think “what can be wrong with lowering taxes”, a lot, you see, the thing is the money you get form those taxes do pay for something and in that situation you have to do one of three things.

1.Make or increase other taxes
2.Cutbacks in various areas
3.Invade another country and steal their money

The normal way of solving this is a combination of 1 and 2, now this is bad, so very bad, and particularly when it’s a tax that provide the base income of the state, like income tax.
That’s a lot of money we are talking about, and i don’t think they are going to add new taxes so that only leaves cutbacks and invading a small country (Norway, you had 100 years of freedom, don’t expect 100 more), so what is going to be cut, daycare, health care, law enforcement, education, public services., all of the above.
Those taxes are there for a reason and if you want to change then, then do it slowly, really slowly, not all at once and not that much.

So who are those numbheads, you Americans will not believe this but these are our liberals, but our liberals are not the liberal left, no it’s the liberal right, it’s the same liberals, they stand for pretty much the same things, it’s just that American politicians are so far to the right that your left wing wackos are our right wing nutballs.
Our left wing think Lenin was a bit soft when it comes to market economy.

Sadly they all need to read Plan B, if they did, politics would change to the better.

Speaking of witch, i had an idea last night (while reading the above book) on how to rebuild large cities like New York in an more environmentally and humanly sound way.

So thanks for hearing me whine, see ya next time.

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