The xbox one reveal

So yea normally I’m sitting here coding away, but yesterday was a bit special with microsoft having revealed their new console which according to the gametrailer promo only happens twice a decade.
But this console i have to say did not amaze me, atleast not yet as they kinda glossed over a great deal of things.


Now while on the surface the specs seem pretty identical to that of the ps4 i couldn’t help but notice that they kinda glossed over a few important facts
1. They did say the console had 8GB of ram like the ps4, but not much more, i know that the ps3 has GDDR5 memory and the xbox one has only DDR3 and it reserves 3GB for the system unlike the PS4 which only reserves 1GB.
2. It’s a 8 core AMD like the PS4 has, but we don’t know much more, we don’t know what kind of graphics capabilities it has.
Microsoft didn’t even try to convince everybody that it was the best instead they focused on the software.

To be honest the software was a bit impressive, they really nailed the voice communication, motion controls, and switching back and forth between apps, but heres the thing, whenever i am watching a movie i don’t have a need to browse the web.
Likewise i am probably faster with the controller than with waving my hand, so it’s a neat thing but none of that helps while playing a game.

The only real exclusives demonstrated was Forza 5 and Quantum break, both which looks pretty nice, though i am not entirely convinced they look next gen enough, sony did have a lot better looking demos like “deep down”.
Microsoft didn’t really showcase that much which is a shame since that is really what they need to sell for the launch, not the whole “i can grab the window and resize it with my fists” or “i can log in with my face” crap.
Most of the games where from EA sports which i couldn’t care less about. as one of my university class mates said to a reporter (on the subject of x rated games and is there any games you wouldn’t work on) “i would never work on a soccer game.”, and shes right, neither would i.

Now i know microsoft wants to make the xbox a kind of advanced media center, but really, they had an hour and they spent 30 min talking about tv, i allready have a device in my living room that also can do tv, it’s calld a TV, and frankly i don’t use it that much currently so i don’t mind the extra second or so it takes to switch.

The evil stuff
AKA always online and no second hand games.
Here is the thing, i have a high speed super stable fiber optic Internet connection, it is pretty sweet, but even i would find it frustrating when something inevitably fails, and it will, especially for people who are less internetly endowed than me, forcing online play is never any good, just take a look at the recent simcity debacle.
The most frustrating period for a gamer is the time from where you rip off the plastic from the box (or purchase it online) to when you can actually play it, sony knows this which is why you can play the game as it downloads, but if you have to register a game and that process fails or is slow because of connection issues it will reflect badly on the system.
But that’s not the worst thing, the restriction on secondhand games is, because even though i buy most games new sometimes i might want an older game, one i can’t find in the store new or in the bargain bin, when that happens i usually go to my local Game store and they often have what i am looking for.
Also having such a restriction does mean that game stores wont accept old games as a trade in making them less valuable and as a consequence of that they will have less shelf space in the stores.

Now it may seem like i am sitting here and bitching about Microsofts bad life choices like a rabid Sony fanboy, and in some sense i guess i am, but Microsoft had two tasks on this reveal.
1. Dispell any accumulated rumors
2. sell the system to the first adopters, AKA people like me, not soccer moms.
In my eyes they sort of failed both tasks, that’s not to say it’s a bad system, it’s just that there are better ones out there sold by more competent people if this reveal is anything to go by.

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