R.I.P Sweden

This Sunday was a tragic day, the alliance – of four right wing parties – won the election, this is bad for everybody but them.
Why? you ask, well it’s simple, they have suggested a lot of drastic changes (over 200 of them) and most of those changes will be implemented by the end of the year.
And for you who don’t know what that means i have a motor cycle metaphor to go with that.
Imagine your on a really fast motor cycle going strait forward at OMG speeds.
Now imagine your suddenly turning 90 degreed to the right, without slowing down or leaning in the curve, that’s maximum hurtage folks, and it’s about to happen to Sweden.

On a positive side though
1. I will probably get a job more easily next year, and to continue on my world domination plan.
2. They only won by just less than 2% witch means that they only got 178 vs 171 seats in the parliament, so the left side can exploit the fact that the other side only need to have 4 absentees or 4 dissidents to win a vote, this actually happens often, in fact a minority can sometimes achieve good results against a “united” majority when it’s this close.

So what is going to happen then, in the future i mean.
And the short answer is, i don’t know.
And with “i don’t know” i mean i don’t know about the stuff that is not OMGWTFPOINES obvious, it is obvious that they don’t have a real plan for moving away from our oil addiction, they don’t have a plan for peak oil, and i don’t think they care either, seriously, Fredrik Rienfeldt – our next PM – said in an interview right after the election “if we don’t meet the economic goals we will not be reelected”, which is true but the correct answer would have been “We will work hard to not let that happen” same thing one might say, but it does tell a little about the intention, what Fredrik is saying is “i don’t care about the result, i just want to do my thing”.
Hmm… interesting, so he doesn’t care, and it is gunning for only one term two at best, well i can’t tell, can anyone really, let me just say that i don’t have any great “faith” in them.

But then again, to me faith is a bad word, and insult even or the eight sin if you lean that way.

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  • By Peter Wallström, May 4, 2010 @ 16:48

    -old comments-

    Comment by Ultron on 2006:10:19 12:28
    Stop crying, commie.

    Comment by Overlord on 2006:10:20 12:39
    I am not communist, far from it, though compared to these people i might as well be.
    Contrast is a strange beast.

    Besides, since my last post, some of my points have just been confirmed with the new budget that came this a few days ago.

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