E3 2013

This years E3 as many of you already know was pretty massive, not one but two new consoles, sure they where previously revealed but still pretty exiting.
Now i didn’t do a E3 predictions this year, it was partially because i already done so many about the next gent, they are being pretty tight lipped this year and we already knew a lot of the launch titles and other details comming into E3.
So here are my thoughts on E3 this year


As my previous post hinted to Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one they didn’t have any real amazing surprises besides the $499 pricepoint.
Titanfall – looks nice, but again it’s like Call of duty does battlefield 2142 only nicer looking, but i suspect it has more to do with the fact it’s on new generation hardware.
Fantasia: music evolved – no why is this even a game.
Forza motorsport 5 – looks interesting, well about as interesting as any other racing simulator game, they where a dime and dozen this E3.
Halo for xbox one – the little we where shown either tells me it’s going to be pretty nice looking or that they have a decent CG department, as it was kinda reminiscent of the halo 3 teaser.
Killer instinct – finally, but i wonder if it’s not going to be bad, not because of the game but their business decisions around it.
Project spark – neat, but kinda like little big planet in some regards, which is interesting since it was Phil Harrison that introduced both.
Ryse – Rome of Duty as @therealcliffyb tweeted and i tend to agree.
Sunset overdrive – it’s surprising that insomniac would do an xbox exclusive, fine but you guys better get back to doing the next gen ratchet and clank.

Sony always has a lot of exclusives a long with some really great hardware and a decent price of $399, sadly it’s not a price i will be paying because of euroscrew which they motivate with extra taxes like VAT and such, but heres the thing $399 is about 2568skr, add 25% tax and you get 3210 skr, but it will retail for about 4490skr here, it’s still not as bad as the xbox one which will retail for 4490skr which is a difference of exactly 0, but i am pretty sure those prices are borked.
Either way it’s way better than the $1000 dollars i paid for my ps3.

Driveclub – not unlike forza.
Killzone shadowfall – pretty good as always
Knack – looks fun to play
Infamous: second son – i loved the first two so i will probably get this one as well as it looks pretty nice, it’s also a fair representation of how good next gen open world titles will look.
The order – not my cup of tea but im sure it’s fine
Transistor – i would like to see more of this.
Finaly fantasy XV – while i am not a FF fan it think this game looks pretty nice.
Kindom hearts III – ok i guess, but they didn’t show that much.
Mad max – like to see gameplay first though

Not much to say as they didn’t have a press conference, while they did reveal the next smash brothers and the next mario they didn’t have that much to show for.
It will be interesting to see how nintendo deals with the fact that the ps4 is only $50 more than the Wii U but has way better hardware and games, i suspect that a pre holiday price drop is happening.

Had a pretty good show, not just sports titles, though i am interested in their new animation technology and if and when it will be integrated into frostbite.
As for games i am kinda interestd in both mirrors edge 2 and the new battlefront.

a lot of pretty nice games came out of their press conference as they seem to have a lot of variety, i am still mostly exited about watchdogs from last E3

The rest
There where few exiting new IP reveals this year, but a lot of long wanted returns from old IP.
i would have liked to see a lot more teasers from all the other studios like naughty dog, but i guess they have to save some for the next E3.

In other news not related to E3
1. this site got hacked last Wednesday, nothing was ever compromised or broken but the site was taken off line for a day.
2. version 1.0 of my toolkit is finished, i have one more example to write and then it will be put on github.
3. following that you wil see a bit more activity regarding tutorials, starting with tutorials on the toolkit.

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