Vista not!

They have been asking for it for a long time, Microsoft that is, every bad decision, every bug and every stupidity that comes out from them is about to reach a terrifying apex with the release of Vista.
So let’s bash them a little.

Now many that has seen the latest vista screen shots and listened to their propaganda might say, what’s wrong with vista, it’s more secure, has better looking graphics and so on.
True, but here is a few reasons why it’s not good.

1. WGA, or windows genuine advantage was introduced a little while ago, and it was an incredible failure, not only did it fail to correctly identify pirated copies a bit now and then, it actually gave false positives about 40% of the time with genuine copies, not exactly the intended result.
What wga did was to disallow users to upgrade their “pirated” copies (save for the most critical of upgrades) leaving them open to an avalanche of viruses, Trojans, spyware and other similar stuff, this didn’t just hurt the illegitimate users but also the legitimate ones by providing a safe harbor for that stuff, this army of zombies hurts everybody, Microsoft included.

Windows Vista will use something that can only be described as wga2, now this is supposed to be even more powerful than wga in every way, making it unable to even install or use.
Now under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be much of an problem unless we include some other factors, like the price of Vista home and the fact that pirated versions of windows make up for something like 50% of their user base, bad indeed.

2. The new user interface is another concern, now it doesn’t matter how pretty aeroglass is, if it doesn’t preform well what good is it for, both the newest Linux and mac gui’s will run on even a 32mb card like some laptops still have (aeroglass needs at least 128 MB just to run), and they sure do look (or can look) equally as good, and on top of that they preform a lot better, though i have to admit that i like the windows XP gui better than the mac one and Linux has just to many gui’s to make a quick comparison.
Now Vistas gui is directly tied to DX10, this is bad, because we all now what DX is good for, that’s right, games and only games, i have yet to find a major application (besides games) that uses DX instead of openGL.

3. Speaking of DX10, it’s a mistake to make DX10 Vista only, it’s like Microsoft expects everybody to upgrade to vista at launch day, yea right as if i am going to buy a new multi core computer with a GF8800 in SLI mode and on top of that buy a os that costs almost as much as the computer, well the first part is sort of true, but then again, will i have the money to get Vistified, i think not.
So the early adopters will be few, in fact mostly businesses will get it in the start and gamers will be the last to follow.
So what does DX10 need to get popular, that’s right, games, but gamers won’t get vista for a while, but they will get the hardware, and the only other graphics API that support the SM4 hardware is openGL, well it will support SM4 when the hardware is released, but that is still way ahead of DX10.
So you got the situation that gamers have the hardware and the drivers that support SM4 in openGL at least, but they don’t have vista and DX10 that supports SM4, the New vista users will not have the hardware or the need to get the latest games, but they will have the software for it.
Hmmmm…… i wonder what API the game developers are going to be using from now on.

4. the price from $233 to $450, but then again the $233 Vista Home Basic version is nothing to bring home, you want to spend at least $300-350 on it.
It’s a bit over the top, hell you can get a new (cheap ass) computer or a nice graphics card for just one user license, and here they are expecting rapid adoption, rapid adoption of Linux that is, you know the free os that does the same things but only more and better, it’s only fault is that is is made for better (read: geekier) people.
Then theres the fact that among Microsoft’s user base about 50% are pirated versions, and there is a reason for that, it’s not that they don’t want to spend that money, it’s because that can’t.
My sister and her BF use two computers and a mac, both with xp on them, she is still a student on maternity leave so he provides for the family, so try and justify getting genuine licenses for those computers, try justifying them upgrading both computers and getting vista on them, no Microsoft’s greed does stand in the way of that.
So if you want the expensive and gargantuan bloatware, be my guest, just don’t blame me afterwards.

So Vista is a lost cause, but hey what’s that on the horizon, could it be the next development cycle for the os after vistas successor, hey look it is. And i am going to help them on the way with a few tips and a new business model.

1. scrap the old core, make a new one or use the Linux core, i don’t care, as long as it’s super secure, lightweight, versatile and open source.

2. call what you have “Windows ****** core”, and make it free and available for download

3. make a slim graphical shell around it with only the basics, if you want you can also make a shinier aeroglass like behemoth on top of that.
Though large parts of it should be open source so people can mod it

4. call what you have “Windows ****** base”, and make it free and available for download

5. add another layer of basic applications, like notepad, a media player, a browser and so on and call it “Windows ****** home light”, this should be sold at a price you would rather find in the value bin in a game store.

Continue adding layers like this, each one adding functionality and services like a word processor, anti virus protection, document management, media downloading services and so on, the idea is to make every version of windows genuine, not by forcing everyone to buy one, but making it free or at least super cheap to get.
I do think Microsoft can live on a service model instead of the failing monopoly they have today on the OS market.

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