Feel da burn

A crusade you say, it’s on fire you say, might it be The Burning Crusade perhaps.
It sure is, that’s right, a few weeks ago i got my brand spankingly new beta key from Blizzard themselves – and no, it’s not a coincidence, there is a reason for it that i can’t say just right now.
So now that only 2 months remain until the release i figure it’s about time to do some kind of review like thingy, or an analysis of sorts if you may.

WoW has always had low end graphics, in fact since WC3 all blizzard games had this and i understand their reasons, BC is no exception, but there are a few differences compared to WoW.
1. the artists have learned how to work within the limit’s of the engine, as such the ugliest areas are better than the best looking in WoW, and thats without sacrificing performance.
2. The sky in outland is now not just not a blurry collection of colors, it looks even better than most games, and i sure hope that they will adapt the skies in azeroth to this level of quality.
3. trees look better, earlier most trees are sort of a hexagonal shapes with fins (it’s a graphical term, look it up), but they have leaned that this is not that good looking, so more and more trees have a more adapted look that fit’s the technology they use.
4. the terrain, now it still has the same drawbacks, but they have learned to use it now, some areas in hellfire peninsula actually looks like it has sort of semi collapsed, just take a look at some screenes.

More screenies at the end
now i haven’t seen it all just yet, cause blizzard has blocked it off, but it is looking promising.

New for BC is that you can and should quest all the way up to 70, blizzard has said now for a while on the beta forums is that if you should never need to grind monsters just to unlock more quests, there are plenty of them at 3 or more quest hubs for every area, there are a lot of them out there, massive amounts really, and some are even fun too.
There is a horde quest (i am guessing that the alliance has a similar one) where you get to go on a bombing run with no risk to yourself and take out a few guns and mobs by throwing bombs at them from a windrider, fun indeed, so fun that they made it repeatable.

Each quest now has 20% more story and atmosphere in them (not like the dry lvl60 quests at LHC), blizzard really made an effort to make it fun.

New races
Now i like the new races, they both have more then 64% more personality than any other.
The dranei start area quests fit’s right in with the story, i didn’t even realize that i was doing specific quests, i just went there as if i was a dranei shaman who just crashed in a part of the tempest keep doing whatever one does then, it was just sweet.
Now the dranei city Exodar is a wonderous place, it just looks stunning, if this is how a part of tempest keep looks, i just wonder how tempest keep would look.

Blood elves on the other hand are much more interesting, blizzard has really gotten the right feel for them, they are arrogant, thirsty for magic (they use it for everything, even cleaning and storing books) and somewhat proud of themselves, they really fit in with the horde.

Leveling and items
Now 600.000 exp may seem like a lot, it’s like going from lvl57 to lvl60, in BC that is what you have to gather to go from 60 to 61, but it will take you less time than that since each quest(in the beginning of outland) gives anywhere between 7k-10k of exp, and every monster gives over 1000 exp(with rested) each, it’s not really anything to worry about, you won’t even really notice it’s over 3 times the normal leveling requirement.
Items are pretty good to, my warriors main hand is now a dagger i got for doing a small little quest it has like 48 dps and lot’s(over 20) of stamina and strength on it (i have even gotten a 3,5k execute crit with it once), i have a beginner shield that it way better than my previous epic shield and i sold my blue AV reward polearm since i got a 63 dps 2H sword with like 33 strength and 22 stamina, for killing a few boars (ok hulking hell boars).

Now every new outland item is a lot better than before, some may will not like it since they will soon get greens that is way better than their epics, but i think it’s good, it sort of levels the playing field a little, it’s not fair if people that has a full epic set can run trough it without opposition – especially when each area has pvp objectives – while us regular players have a hard time even killing the most low level mobs in the game(that gives exp).

the rest
I have to say one thing about the music, it’s friggin great, it’s so good that i am even considering getting the collectors edition just for the music, it’s new, it’s fresh with a slight diablo taste (which is not out of line since a lot of WoW is actually taken from diablo, like the paladin, warrior and mage).
All in all the game is in a good state even now, it looks good, plays well and sounds great.

a few tips
If your a mele class stock up on food(best you can find)
all other need lot’s of rune cloth to level their first aid to 330(you need to get the first aid book first though).
Blacksmiths need to gather materials to make things like thorium leggings and such to level their blacksmithing (though you need to visit the trainer in hellfire peninsula first), in fact all professions need to stock up on mats for the cheapest high level stuff they can make.
Hellfire peninsula is full of demons and your weapons just won’t cut it for a while so get a demon slayer enchant on your weapons, coincidently my gnome mage will be selling said enchants on dunemaul(EU) around xmas or so.

So happy hunting people(in two months that is).

zangarmarsh, it’s blueish

the path to blades edge mountains

the cave to blades edge mountains

from here on i can only say one thing wow




is this even wow

O, come on this can’t be wow

well apparently it is

it’s a sunny day in Nagrand

Hemmet Nesingwary FTW

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