State of the bang 2014

So yea a little bit delayed with this one, but i have my reasons, first of all it’s been an interesting year, with a lot of ups and downs, while i didn’t accomplish much of what i wanted to do i did get a few things done anyway.

  • i got my toolkit out the door and up to github (check the latest tutorial series for that), i also got a lot of coding done after that, in fact i have spent on average 1-2 hour coding it every day since the last ludum dare.
  • I recently switched to visual studio 12 (which at the moment is the most recent one), i can only say good things about it, it even has a great git interface.
  • I also switched to c++11, i even got a new c++ book “The c++ programing language” by Bjarne Strousturp and as a consequence i have been rewriting a lot of code to make it as modern as i can, and honestly my code has gotten a lot less buggier, i haven’t had a single buffer overrun in two months since i switched to using vectors for a lot of stuff.
  • I wrote two games for Ludum Dare “the escape” and “grid war” and i hope to continue doing that.

Now the LD48 game i made in 2012 was a failure but the last two where pretty decent, in fact i complained that i didn’t have a particle system in my toolkit, well now i do and the last game i did was basically a fancy particle system retooled to be a scenegraph, i am almost proud of myself of that one., but there is a lot more to do with the toolkit.
First of all i am in the final stages of adding propper 2D rendering, which should be a lot more flexible. Previously like in “the escape” what i had to do in order to render a quad was to first generate a fsq object for each part of the texture atlas, then transform it to it’s proper coordinates and lastly choose which object to render, it’s a lot of work just for one quad.
with the new system you just tell it where to draw, with which part of which texture and it just works, it’s one line instead of a half dozen (and it uses glDrawTextureNV so its super fast).
But that’s whats in there working right now, what i am about to write is a bit more advanced and would allow me to set up custom texture atlases and animation sequences, right now it seems like a lot of work, but as always i will probably write it in a day.
But this is pretty much the reason i havn’t posted the last few tutorials, but i hope they will be done soon.

So what are my goals for this year then after i am done with the aforementioned

  • Figure out how to make an adventure game (like monkey island and broken age) and then make it, nothing on that scale though.
  • for the three LD48 this year i want to make the following, one platformer, one story driven game and one 3d game (and that last one turned out great last time ;P ).
  • I want to take the games i made last year, upgrade them to the newest version of the toolkit, update them and put them up on this site in a more obvious way.
  • I think this site needs an upgrade, it’s been a while.
  • I want to make a game portal so that i can sell my games as well as others, more about it below.
  • It has been a while since i wrote a proper tutorial, need to fix that, suggestions goes in the comments.
  • I might renovate my room at home and it’s about time since the wallpaper is almost 30 years old, but i am also thinking of making a physical project this year, something fun, maybe something electronic, but i can’t figure out what, so suggestions in the comments.
  • One thing i have been thinking of for the last year or so is making is a larger game, a much much larger game, think eve + minecraft + No man’s sky, but it will will take a lot of work doing that, i haven’t even completely figured out how to handle the coordinate system yet.

So yea a games portal, kind of a mini steam, but here is the thing, if i make all the games i want to make this year + update the old ones + have original versions of them available i will still only have like 8 games, which is about enough to fill up a page, almost.
So i was thinking if some of you guys would be interested in filling up some of the space, i cant offer a purchasing system, but maybe a donation button or something along those lines, if enough of us band together it could be a way of getting noticed by other developers, studios or the like, send a mail if your interested.

Well i think that’s it for this time, i will try to give more frequent posts, but we all know what is going to happen with that promise, i do tend to update twitter a lot more than here and if you regularly check into what i do on github you could at least see that i am working, if i am not then yell at me a bit.


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