2006 in retrospect

It’s time again for my second annual two part new years special
in this part we take a look on how well my predictions for 2006 came out.

Good/bad gaming year – yes this happened
Low demand for xbox360 – well sort of, this would have been abolutley true if the PS3 wasn’t delayed as it was, tank god that the Wii picked up the slack.
PS3 release date – i thought maybe September, it became November in the end (may in Europe).
Bad PC year – yes yes and yes, one of the best PC releases this year was battlefield 2142 and it sucked.

Computer Technology
NV GF8800GTX – was released on time, and with 640MB(gts) and 768MB(gtx) versions.
It does have 128 unified shader pipes but i think that with the new geoshader this is needed.
Dual core payoff – yes stuff really starts to take off in the multicore area with both dual, quad and octacore configs.

Consumer electronics
The dvd war – is not resolved, as i said it wouldn’t be.
New ipods – strange only a new ipod nano and the little clippy thingy.
Imac – no new imacs here either.
DMC – nope no revolution here either, but you can buy them and Sony is planning a new special PS3 version to cover that area.

Sharon – Nope not dead, not yet anyway, though he won’t be making any comebacks at all, ever.
Bush – is in the hot seat, with the loss in the recent election, can you say “lame duck”.
Sweden – a total surprise, the right wing campaigned long and hard on the “we will screw you long and hard in the ass for the next four years” and people liked it, for about two weeks that is.

Movies – the only good one was the third x-men movie, 2007 better pick up the slack.
RIAA – yes as always they stepped in bhanta poodoo.
TCPA – has managed to elude the radar, but so long it’s not rearing it’s ugly face somewhere obvious.

The moderate party – did not end up with foot in mouth, though their ally Folkpartiet (liberal party) got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, or in this case a restricted server with sensitive material on it.
Iran – yes this has happened to some extent, their holocaust convention was especially fun.
Violent video game laws – no new ones in America, but in Germany instead, and it is a really stupid one at that, it outlaws making, selling, buying and playing them, silly germans.

Other misc thing that happened in 2006
The Wii, nr 1 in the best console name category, it took everybody by surprise, even me, now if only they could produce some killer apps to go with it since as of now only Rayman Raving Rabbids is worth anything.
They did get a great start, but i think it will be short lived now when the PS3 production starts revving up and it’s released in Europe.

In the next part i will make my predictions for 2007, and also some cutesy xmas pictures of my nephew Evan (i just need some time to photoshop them).

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