2007 and you

A yes part two of the omnipotently magnificent futuristic ramblings of by brain for 2007.

2007 will bring the real console wars to light, as xbox360 start showing of what it really can do, so will the PS3 at the end of the year, this will also mark the last year where PC games are being based (read:raped) of PS2 games (Rockstar, I’m looking at you), but we will also see a lot of great new games for the PC, like UT2007(duh), maybe crysis and a few more, like perhaps a sequel to F.E.A.R.

Wii on the other hand will start out great, but it will fade during the year, it’s just one of those fads everyone wants but no one keeps, Nintendos only hope is to get lucky with a few releases, that or make Zelda games like there was no tomorrow.

DX10 games will also make it out on the market, but my guess is that most of the DX10 class games will in fact not be made with DX10 but with openGL since Microsoft made such a fatal mistake by making DX10 vista only, and not everyone will get vista in the beginning.

Computer Technology
I don’t think the GF9 will make it in 2007, but we will for sure see what kind of new things it will have, i am guessing even more memory, pipelines and last but not least the first blend shader capable card.
But in 2007 we will have to do with the NVGF8900 coming this summer.

But one thing that will come in 2007 is not only one but two whole openGL versions, one of them possibly being openGL 3.0 with all the new cool stuff, i am looking forward to this.

Quad cores are also on the march, let’s just see if all those new games support them, i think they will.

Consumer electronics
SED tv screens are said to make it to the market this year, from the claims i have heard they are better than anything else on the market, if it is true then it may push all the other technologies to the side.
I still think that some version of the OLED screens will win the flatscreen war in the end because of some of it’s other features (besides the price, energy efficiency, slimness, durability, rollupability, expandability, and so on).

Ipods- will be the only i products left in a while since apple has decided to macify everything, iPhone say hello to macPhone, iPhoto meet macPhoto and so on, though it will still contain the same GUI gloss coated crap.
Now the macworld expo is just around the corner and that guy in a black turtle neck is gonna talk for something like 2 hours, then add the relatively dry year 2006 was (besides the Intel mac and clippy), so anything is up for grabs what he will reveal, may be a new mac/macos, the phone is almost a shoe in and a fist full of ipods is a given.

Bush will have a hard year, with the recent defeat in the senate and house he will have to either retract some of the things he did during the last few months or just veto everything for the next two years, I’m guessing the democrats will want the habeas corpus act back, and the recent last ditch tax cut’s and the other things he did, there is about a million of them so naturally i am not going to bring them all up.

And BTW so will Reinfeldt, he has exactly 1 to 1,5 years to prove his politics works, if not he might be forced out of office, and we could have a reelection as soon as 2008 or 2009.
the thing is that he hasn’t gotten of to a great start, and even though he only have to lean back and flow the currents of new jobs he still comes up a bit short, it could be the whole ass humping thingy he has going with the Swedish public.

Nope sorry no entertainment for you, it will most likely be worse than 2006, there is simply nothing to look forward to, i am waiting to be surprised, but i don’t think so.

Things to out for this year
GDC – with the new SM4 hardware out there it might be nice to see what can be done with it.

id software – Quakecon or earlier was the promise carmack gave in his last keynote, the promise was to show off their latest most spectacular game ever.

Whatever comes instead of E3, it must be good, if it’s not i want the old E3 back, complete with booth babes and all.

CES, Cbit, TGS and so on – with the cancellation of E3 these shows are going to be more significant, and with the added confusion of which show is THE show things could get wild.

April 1 on blizzard.com, what will they think of next.
Besides it’s about time a new game emerged, i have heard some rumbling from there, seen their job postings (i have even been interviewed for one) and therefore extrapolated that soon would be a good time for a new game to be revealed.

2008 – sorry all 2007 fans but i reckon 2008 will be a wee bit better, why you ask, simple, no more PS2 to worry about, and we will see who will take over the helm of starship America (www.worfforpresident.org).

And finally the cute x-mas pics of Evan i promised.

For some reason everything around him was always damp

And if you ever wondered what anti red eye flash photography does to a kid.

He also got the most and biggest presents, but hey, it’s his first Christmas.

now if you thought taking cute pictures of small children in bad light is a nobrainer, think again, their eyes light up bright red like nothing else making them look just that extra bit evil.

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