68..69… and 70

Yea that’s right it took me 3 weeks to make my little firebug a mighty lvl 70.
But that’s not really what i what to rant about, you see i have a little secret, i use windows, and like it, and it’s not because i think it’s the best one, no far from it, windows sucks and the other ones are better.

But here is the catch, they suck even more, even if they are better in some areas.
Linux for instance, great kernel, but it’s designed by geeks for geeks and that makes it slightly complicated to operate, not to mention the lack of unity throughout the system.
Now the mac on the other hand is designed by apple zombies for morons, it has a ui designed for looks rather than sanity, a security policy that is based on the fact they only have like 1% of all systems, and yea, their followers are nuts.

Now don’t get me wrong but, the whole issue about Microsoft stealing ideas from mac os is just wrong, take the whole gadget/widget debacle, wasn’t it apple that stole those from Microsoft, i can distinctly remember those tiny win 3.11 apps you got from computer magazines, and although it wasn’t as integrated as the widgets, they did about the same things, this just proves two things i have been saying all along, 1. creativity is all about knowing what to steal and combine 2. computer software is all about evolution, revolution is no more, that is why it was renamed to something i do in the morning.
I am pretty sure Apple will steal stuff from Vista in Mac OS 11, that fancy 3d version of alt+tab is in jeopardy, so is the Aeroglass theme in some respects.

Now about vista, i wouldn’t recommend it, but i will probably get it for myself (legally even) when i upgrade my computron, The ui looks nice not at all that GGCC (Garish Gloss Coated Crap) stuff apple drops from time to time, it has few of those “lifestyle” applications, just moviemaker, i know it’s cheesy but surprisingly even i can find a use for it.
And even though it’s far from perfect (i am still waiting for IE8 and see if it is any good as IE7 was a bust) i would consider upgrading, but not until just after the first large “whooopsie” upgrade.

Ok, on to other issues, i am finally getting ready to add another OpenGL tutorial, it will be about shadow depth maps, it will be sweet, i am also working on a new game with a “unique” style, if it works out i might pitch it to Sony.

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