Mythbusting the PS3

Today a want to rant a little(a lot) about the next gen(or should they now be called the current gen) console war and the whopping piles of stinking turds of bullshit surrounding them.
IT all started about 2 years ago at E3 where Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo revealed their next gen consoles, and ever since that day where my whole class of game developers just stood there drooling i have kept a close eye on these systems, i have analyzed almost every aspect and a few that actually doesn’t exist yet.

So here is what i found out

Xbox 360
In terms of power and graphics capabilities the 360 is pretty decent i guess, but the rest of the base console is a bit underpowered and you need a bunch of add ons to get a reasonable level of functionality out of it.
Well one to each own, if you don’t need all that stuff then you don’t need to get it, which makes this console average in price,but i claim that you do and that makes it the most expensive one, the monthly subscription is probably the worst of all of this.
Well i guess i can’t really expect anything less from Microsoft.

I have to admit that it is a bit fun and i do admire what they where able to do with so little.
I actually played one just yesterday and it’s a neat little fun toy, but that’s about it, it is little more than a glorified high tech toy.
At least the other ones have other real uses like a media player or, well, stuff.
The thing is while the others have large untapped usages to be revealed in the future, the Wii is pretty much done and that is truly sad, cause it was fun while it lasted.

Play Station 3
It wouldn’t be a stretch to see why i chose this to be my next console, It’s not really because it’s powerful, because it is, it really does have a vast untapped resource developers are just now starting to get a grip on.
No it’s everything, it’s the cell, the blue ray drive, the wifi, the HDD, the (free) on line services, the link to the PSP, the backwards compatibility to the ps1 and 2, the sixaxis controller, the future proofing and the way Sony thinks.

Now what do i hear about the PS3, nothing but constant complaining about the mistakes Sony make with it, so let’s do some debunking.

Myth #1 :Lack of force feedback (vibration) in the controller makes it suck
Now if you call that force feedback then you need to get back on your medication, yes it’s nice to get a haptic clue about what is happening, but the vibration in the dualshock2 controller is way to crude to be of any real use.
With that said, i hope they do get some good force feedback in the PS4 controller and not just vibration.

Myth #2 :Lack of HD cables sucks too
This one is simple, HD cables are standard equipment you can get everywhere and not everybody have hdmi capable tv sets.
So why make it more expensive then it need to be, just get one if you need it when you buy the ps3 and your done.

Myth #3 :Sony underestimated the Wii
No i don’t think so, the Wii and the PS3 really don’t overlap significantly in any target group, they are two different machines produced by two different companies using two completely different philosophies.
They didn’t underestimate the Wii, they underestimated the publics overestimation of the Wii.
But most importantly they don’t care, and they know exactly why they don’t have to.

Myth #4 :No “must have” games at launch
Well sort of true, but then again did you all forget the xbox 360 launch, the only good game there was Project Gotham racing 3 and it was a bit average.
The truth is that no console gets any really good game at launch, no they don’t start appearing until about a year after the launch.
This is simply a direct function of time, not the platform or corporate structure, only time, so just wait till next Christmas and we will see who’s laughing now.
Now he PS3 actually had a pretty decent set of launch titles, mostly because of the delays, but that’s a different story.

Myth #5 :Blue-Ray
This complaint actually boggles my mind, i heard some people claim that only a handful of videophile elites actually needs Blue-ray and that the PS3 would be better without it.
Now this is wrong in so many ways, just ask the guys who made phantasmagoria or the early games that where made for the cd-rom format, they would tell you this, “if there is space, we can and must fill it”.
Already today some PS2 game use 2 or more DVD discs, it’s mostly video but let’s just presume they want to increase the quality of the video to maybe just 720P, now that would take a whole lot of space and pretty soon we are looking at multiple blue-ray discs.
Another thing the PS3 excel at that takes up lot’s of space is mega texturing, where single texture maps can take as much as 1GB or more for each level.
So you see there is lot’s of usage for it, but not perhaps right today, unless your a videophile that is.

Myth #6 :The 360 is more powerful than the PS3
Now this is like comparing apples with grapes, the PS3 is a radically different system than the 3 core PPC that lies within the 360, it uses 7 SPUs that while they don’t do some stuff as fast as one 360 ppc with normal software, two of them will outperform a 360 core hands down with pure fp-math, and to boot there are 7 of them + the main PPC core.
There are also some other differences, for one at 25Gb/s the memory bandwidth is more than the double to the cell than to the 360 cores, and where normal multi core processors have to share that bandwidth, the cell does not have to share, it can just pass around the data internally at 300Gb/s.
But when we are speaking about raw power it’s like this, the PS3 has about 2Tflop of processing power and the 360 about half of that.
What about the memory then, the 360 has access to more memory, well this is true and not true at the same time, both systems has the same amount of memory, but the PS3 has 256MB for the cpu and the same amount for the GPU, however when you look at it, the gpu and the cpus in the 360 has to share a band with of 22Gb/s while the ps3 has 20Gb/s for the gpu and 25Gb/s for the cpu.

Interesting numbers indeed and it’s all in how you use it, but it’s clear that the PS3 is more powerful, just wait for a well optimized version of the same game comes out on both platforms, like Oblivion, but better.

Myth #7 :The PS3 is the most expensive console
yes it’s expensive, up to $900 in Europe, but it’s not the most expensive one if you count all the stuff you actually need to get.
Now is it worth it, yes it is, it’s actually cheap considering what you get, now if they only sold a kit to convert it into a desktop and they would rule the world, o, wait, that’s right, it’s free for download.

Myth #8 :The European PS3 can’t play PS2 games
This used to be true since it does not have a PS2 chip in it, but ever since firmware 1.60 they have included an software emulator for the PS2 and judging from the advancements in firmware 1.70 they are pretty soon able to be equal if not better then a real PS2.
Well it would be nice to have forced hardware antialiasing at 1080p in GT4.

Well that’s all for now, now all i have to do is to go out there and get one, i will of cause take pictures of the ceremonial unpacking of this expensive (but l33t) tech product.

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  • By Peter Wallström, May 4, 2010 @ 16:49

    -old comments-

    Comment by NoNamer on 2007:06:13 09:36
    I wouldn’t call that a mythbusting really, you never gave the other two consoles a fair chance since you clearly where bashing them in your “myth” ramblings, and using personal opinions for say example myth number 4 about “Must have” games..
    Do you even know how big the Dead Or Alive series is for example, probably not since it doesn’t interest you clearly.
    I’d like to see a more fair fight between the three since the Wii also has a fair amount of increadibly strong titles, just as the PS3 do have some really big names too.

    Comment by Overlord on 2007:06:14 20:15
    Yes i do know all about the DOA series though to judge how good it is you have to use your own personal preferences, and while i might like games like motorstorm, RFOM and the rachet & clank series, others may like soul calibur and virtua tennis or even DOA and halo.
    #4 was all about launch titles and while xbox360 had one or two ok ones so did the PS3 and the wii, the rest of all the launches was pretty anemic, what matters is what comes between month 6 to 12 after the release and at what rate good games keep coming and the 360 hasn’t exactly really lived up to that (in my oppinion).
    But i guess that it’s all up to personal preferences.

    Comment by NoNamer on 2007:06:25 16:29
    Fair enough, I might have overreacted a little bit also.
    Hope you enjoy the PS3 thought, haven’t got around to play with mine yet. :|

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