Pee Ess Three

So a little update is in hand i guess, and i really should have like two weeks ago, or the day after the last post, but if you can tell from the smile on my face i went and bought a PS3 last week and i have been occupied by this quite a lot.

That’s right i went ahead with the final step in the plan i set out for two years ago right after they announced this.

Now it’s surprising how heavy this thing is, 5Kg is a lot in the console world (if you disregard from the x360s power brick), and most of it is an large slab of aluminum designed to keep any form of heat away from the cell and the RSX.
But it’s a sign of quality, something the all the other consoles but the psp can’t even approach, heres how high quality it is, it ships with a cat-6 network cable, when 99% of all other network cables are cat-5, fortunately for me my father used to install networks cables (both fibres and TP) for a living and he put in a cat-6 network in our house, which is kinda redundant.
It also looks good, for once the pictures in the ads aren’t lying, they really look that good.
The only thing that kinda bugs me is the European on line store, it’s a little anemic at the moment and it looks sort of bad on a SD tv.

Anyway i got two games for it, oblivion and motor storm, and i have nothing but good things to say about them, but then again i am just such a person that likes racing with a big ass truck on little outcrops on a shear cliff face at to high speeds while throwing fireballs in peoples faces and for some reason folding proteins.

That and i also found a new place to keep and play porn.

O, and a big heads up for next weekend everybody, Blizzard may be announcing a new game, it’s almost certainly going to be a starcraft game since they are announcing it on the biggest starcraft tournament in Korea, go back and read my thought’s on this from way back in 2005 under the title “the bliss of glass”.
So let be just repeat that last sentence cause it’s still valid today.

-“And as always here is a message to Blizzard (and sony), if you need help, you know were to find me.”

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