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Recent updates

Ok, a lot has happened recently, so let me update you on things and thoughts I had.
First, I finally got a real job, I am now a professional web programmer, not exactly my first choice but hey you can’t get it all, well at least it allows me to develop some ideas I have while I’m getting paid for doing things, and the upside is that it’s a pretty flexible job, being deadline based and all, I can take an extra long lunch if I need to as long as I get things done on time.
Fortunately I do a lot of back end work so deadlines and jobs are reasonably evenly spaced and phased, most of the time.

Anyway moving on to anime, my current anime viewing list is

Slayers revolution
Zero no tsukaima 3
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
ToLoveRu – Trouble

See at least some of them or forfeit you license to be of the ruling class when I take over the world. Read more »

Playing catch up

This post will be the last one I write… on this computer, the reason being the pile of assorted powerful computer parts on the floor, though it will take some time before it can permanently turn this computer off, but it’s worth it.
I chose an Intel core 2 quad cpu and the new 9600gt (which is so hot of the manufacturing floor it’s still sort of luke warm) series among other things.
But for now prepare for another composite post.

I suggest these series (in no apparent order), see them or fail as a human being.

Lucky star
Minami-ke Okawari
You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
Hayate no Gotoku
Rosario + Vampire Read more »

Working in the quiet

I’m all vented and have nothing to write, and i have a good reason for it, but that’s a secret project i have and I’ll tell you about it when i am nearly finished.

But i do have a few things to vent about, I finally got out of the ping pong game over at AMS and i am finally getting some money, unfortunately I’m still unemployed and that just sucks.
And as a part of being unemployed i have as an side effect way to much free time on my hands.
So I’m spending it on several projects i have, one of them is the secret project i mentioned on the top, i won’t mention them, but the other ones are.

Been working on better technology for my Coldfire Engine.
Been working on a better exporter for Coldfire, got stuck like you never believe it.
Worked on a top down space shooter called f-wing
Played solitaire, bejeweled 2, and a lot of it.
Worked on an idea for a new bejeweled style game, it might still make it.
Been working on a heavy space carrier model for f-wing with normal maps and everything.
Been working towards making a demo with Coldfire, but I’m not there yet.
Been lifting weights, getting results to.
Started typing up some semi advanced openGL tutorials based on the NeHe series, when i get to a couple of them i will post them.

On to the next subject, anime.
Believe it or not but the spring season is here and there is some fine anime coming out of of the land of cat torture and karaoke bars, like Kyou no Go no Ni, Himawari and last but not least Disgaea which is always a sure bet.
There is a lot more coming, new episodes are coming in faster than i can watch them, currently i got 43 episodes in my unseen folder and i just saw a few more new series on baka updates, when will it end, never i hope.

E3 is approaching and it does look like the console war is going from cold to hot this year, the PS3 is going to be (hopefully) released this November and still nothing from Sony, in fact most of the press the PS3 has gotten is all a part of the wake behind last years press conference, and sony said nothing since then (beside the approximate release date).
So what is going to happen with the PS3 from now to it’s release.
At E3 they are gonna spare nothing and tell it all, sort of, lot’s of video footage, maybe even some in game and it could even be playable at E3, though it will probably be one of the fake ones like the X360 last year.
Lot’s of games will be announced, last years E3 has like 15-20 games in the show reel, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the game count would top 100 this time.
Even so, more will be announced this summer.
Sony will start airing ads sometime during this fall, this campaign will reach it’s climax around Christmas (earlier in japan), and at the same time the release games will be announced, they will be a part of Sony’s campaign.
Finally, one week before release in the respective regions Sony will air adds that will be unprecedented in length, they will rock your mind and you won’t be able to ignore them.
It’s all a part of making sure to steal the thunder from X360, but don’t worry Sony, you managed to do that at last years E3.

I’m waiting Sony, blow my mind.

Ready, aim, fire

The US Army didn’t find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it turns out they already had some a lot closer a hand, how about that Cheney incident, he is finally doing the right thing, shooting lawyers in the head with a shot gun.
But enough with the jesus freaks proving evolution to be a true.
Finally, a new season of Real time with Bill Maher is here, and it couldn’t have started any better, Cheney basically handed the main topic on a platter.
I don’t think it’s a secret that i kinda look up to Bill, i mean, he’s a funny guy and he has the guts to say what he really thinks, people like him are an endangered species in these days.
People today talk about values, ethics and morals, i don’t think people know what these are and i am frankly surprised that people think other people have low morals.
No they don’t have low morals, they just don’t know what their values are.
Bill knows what he values, i know what my values are (and they are a bit “special”), do you?

The last few weeks i have been busy with a couple of my own game projects (in between doing nothing that is), there are two of them, the first of them i was first written in 2002 and is about a war in the near (alternate) future against The US, but don’t worry it’s not the same US as we have today (or is it).
Well anyway, the second project is sort of a tie in, but not even close to the same story, or even the same game type, it’s a standard Starcraft like RTS with a few new cool things, and if you want to use them, well I’m always employable.

Saw the new Hellsing ova, see it, i command you, no, really, see it.
Same with the other series i mentioned last time.

And finally (i know i neglected this in the last few posts) it’s time to give some advice to somebody, to make it up i got two this time.
Cheney, next time you shoot a 78 year old lawyer in the head consider this.
1. A shotgun is more effective up close.
2. Make sure to finish it off with a second shot.
3. An assault rifle or a submachine gun is more effective on humanoid targets, might i suggest a P90, it’s light, compact and easy to shoot.

Petter(the idolized Swedish rapper, that i don’t like): you say you want to kill all who download your music, i do to, not because they download your music, but because the actually listen to it.
Please mister sucky rapstar, if you don’t want people do download your music you have two options.
1. Make music people actually want to buy.
2. Don’t make any music at all, and i would prefer this.

Maho saito transform

As you can see we got a new look, it’s better in many ways, like me.
The posts are now all pure bbcode and you can comment on them.
Next thing to remake (or make in this case since i didn’t get around doing it for the last site) is the ColdFire mini site.
Speaking of coldfire, i have begun theoretical work on it’s successor called FlashFire, the concept of FlashFire is hard to explain (mostly because I’m working on the particulars myself), but in the end it’s a lot more than just a game engine.
But the interesting part is that when it’s done, the absolute minimum c-code required for a full game is no more than a “hello world”.

A week ago i talked about the new anime season, it is still early but so far i have identified as much as 3 new series I’m gonna continue watching.
Kage Kara Mamoru
They are all a bit girly and one of them is even a magical girl anime complete with transformation sequences, but they all have redeeming qualities such as lots of slapstick and more than a few “pantyshots”.
Not all series has been aired yet, there is still some that I’m waiting to check out, one of them airs tomorrow.
Hayate X Blade
Wan Wan Serepu Soreyuke! Tetsunoshin
Ergo Proxy
Keisatsu Sensha Tai TANK S.W.A.T. 01
and of cause the Helsing OVAs.

That is all for today, but remember this, i am standing right behind you.

Rebirth is imminent

Ok last time i said that is was currently doing a slight redesign of the site, it turns out that i sort of kinda went a bit to far when i did that, it’s now a complete redesign, but no worries it’s better now, grayer, but better, it’s even IE compatible (by accident).

The comment system is also operational (but only on the redesigned site), you can comment on every post here, even previous ones, it can even take bbcode and stuff.
You could even comment now if you had the link to the test site that is, but don’t expect them to last as i will purge all posts when the site goes live.

The site is almost done, i got a few bugs to iron out, convert and upgrade the admin system, and finally transfer all the old content to the new site system, but not before i redesign it though (internally they will now become special blog posts).
This is so i can update stuff on those pages (+ blogposts) without the use of an ftp client and a lot of hazzle.

Moving on.
A new anime season is here with lot’s of new great anime series, it’s looking good, but it’s still early an only a few have actually aired and even fewer are available on fansub, so i have to get back to you on this, bit it’s looking good.
Also next season in April we get a real treat, The Disgaea anime, i don’t know what you think but all i have to say is “nin nin nin”.

Last but not least, im thinking about letting more people in here, to actually write stuff, mail me if your interested.
Also, to anyone who dares, i want logo graphics, different ones for every day, there are only 4 things i want you to keep in mind, correct size and format(png), work safe images only, it has to say, and finally the corners must be beveled with the right colors(the right side is a bit grayer) like this first one i made.
it doesn’t have to be anime related though, just check the logo-02.png


It’s time again for another update on my wonderful blog, and for the first time i have nothing to write about but I’ll think i will do ok.

First, finally the showreel is going on line, i only have one more page to translate, it contains things i have done and basically consists of a lot of screenshots and rendered images, not all images though, a lot of the images i have produced are “not work safe” and some are just test or texture renders, silly me, making geometry without rendering it in all it’s full glory.
Naturally i will add on this at the rate i can do more stuff.

Moving on.
The Internet problem in my last post turned out to be mostly the routers fault, and while i may have to reboot it every week or so, it is well worth the effort.
And speaking of downloading stuff, i got a list of anime you should try and download.

Pani poni dash < more insane than azumanga, 100x the speed.
Black cat
Solty rei
Ichigo mashimaro < translates into “strawberry marshmallows” and is about as sweet as that.
FMP – TSR < a must, get the whole series, i command you, you will never regret it.
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan < gives a new meaning to ka-splat.

Hmm… maybe i will make a post or two later on about the anime that i love so much and why i kinda smile about the fact that the only anime the Swedish (state owned politically correct publicservice) kids channel (SVT Barnkanalen) show is Card captor Sakura.

witch brings us to japan, i got a friend who is studying there for a year and he got a (Swedish)blog up about this “experience” at
(ok i admit, he only basically writes about getting drunk all the time and partying a lot)

Ok, all the time i have today, i have to get cracking on that last page translation, but before we end i have to offer my advice to someone.
Bill,i know you want to rule the world, but making your future minions go trough a hard time with your software, your questionable licenses, the undead horde of lawyers and other miscellaneous crap, isn’t good for morale.
So as a megalomaniac evil genius to another, consult me before the invasion.
And Steve Balmer has gotta go, he is not god for anything

Um, yea and also, I’m still unemployed, i want this state fixed, and now.

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