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State of the bang 2014

So yea a little bit delayed with this one, but i have my reasons, first of all it’s been an interesting year, with a lot of ups and downs, while i didn’t accomplish much of what i wanted to do i did get a few things done anyway.

  • i got my toolkit out the door and up to github (check the latest tutorial series for that), i also got a lot of coding done after that, in fact i have spent on average 1-2 hour coding it every day since the last ludum dare.
  • I recently switched to visual studio 12 (which at the moment is the most recent one), i can only say good things about it, it even has a great git interface.
  • I also switched to c++11, i even got a new c++ book “The c++ programing language” by Bjarne Strousturp and as a consequence i have been rewriting a lot of code to make it as modern as i can, and honestly my code has gotten a lot less buggier, i haven’t had a single buffer overrun in two months since i switched to using vectors for a lot of stuff.
  • I wrote two games for Ludum Dare “the escape” and “grid war” and i hope to continue doing that. Read more »

E3 2012 – Nintendo predictions

So nintendo has the biggest stake in this years E3 with the Wii U as it’s finally time for them to reveal it all, hardware specs, games, launch dates and price.
This would normally be a pretty solid thing as E3:s go, but they have one problem, third and first party games. Read more »

E3 2012 – sony predictions

Sony had a pretty bad pressconference last year, a wonky stage, few really great games and so on, this year i don’t think so, all signs points towards glory. Read more »

E3 2012 – Microsoft predictions

Early next month is E3 and lots of sites are starting to buzz about it and so am i.
This year has certainly been the most silent under the wraps year and that only means three things.
1. either they are hiding something big like i think Sony does.
2. they do like they always do and act in enigmatic ways, regardless of what they actually have, like i Nintendo always does.
3. or you don’t actually have something like microsoft does.

So yea big shocker i started with the conclusion so if you like you can now stop reading and just have another pack of rice crackers.
But for all others lets continue. Read more »

What the ps4 needs to get ahead of the xbox 720

So there is a better than 0% chance that we will see the new ps4 announced at this years E3, but heres the thing, the next console cycle is Sony’s to loose, so what will it take for it to get ahead of the next xbox in no particular order. Read more »

2012 – the last year of the mayans

So new year new predictions.
In general i would like to lead off with saying that the world is now at or approaching another step towards becoming a true type 1 civilization, and much like the era around the start of the millennium it is filled with tension, uncertainty and turbulence in more or less every area of life, be it technological cultural, political or what have you.

We saw last year that a lot of the old powerstructures are beginning to break up as exemplified by the arab spring, occupy movement and most recently the successful protests against SOPA/PIPA and this is likely to continue.
regarding technology a lot has happened just the last year, but i can’t help feeling like this is just the beginning of a new cycle of a new distributed form of hardware independent computing.
Anyway all this makes things somewhat complicated to figure out, but i will give it a try.
Read more »

2011 the year of stuff

Wow it’s already 2012, what a year it has been, i mean just take a look at the impressive things that happened, bin laden, gadaffi and kim jong ill dead, the Iraq war ended, the arab spring, the occupy movement, portal 2, me loosing over 60 kilos and so on and so forth, it’s been an endless stream of good things.

Yet there has also been a lot of bad thing, like most of what’s being done in the us on the republican side, to me pure evil is when you punish an entire world just to get one guy (that you don’t like for no good reason) to loose his reelection and i see it every day in the news.
Also we lost  such dignitaries like Steve Jobs and Christopher Hitchens, i a perfect world all the people i admire would suddenly turn immortal, because Hitchens certainly deserves it, i just hope that they find a material hard enough for his statue, so that it won’t seem too soft in comparison to the real deal.
Read more »

2011 what year it will be part 2

While 2010 was the year that android matured trough it’s early childhood, this year will be all about market saturation, we will see it grow with 3.0 and become something more than ios could ever be.
In other news we will also see a lot of technology mature and even though little might be released it will provide 2012 with great promises. Read more »

2011 what year it will be part 1

Welcome to my predictions for 2011, for this year i decided to change the format a bit to make it more readable, more specific and a bit less vague, so this year I’m doing a top ten and two top fives, both for gaming and for the other stuff, which incidentally requires me to use two posts, otherwise you would be reading it for quite some time. so today we start with games, and in about a week or so the rest, and after that i have something planned that i know you all been waiting for, if i finish it soon then the first two months of 2011 would be pretty full for this site. Read more »

2010 the year that was

2010 the year that things happened, a oil well leaked, gays can serve in the military (the us one that is, we have had it for ever), i got a second stomach and lost about 20Kg or 44,09245243697552lbs give or take a pund or so. the tech market also expanded as we saw the first 3D tvs along with a crap load of android devices.

There is a quote on the top of the front page that say something like ” if you don’t have any white plastic on your device your some kind of retard” poetic words from penny arcade said five years ago referring to ipods and other devices, but looking at the 2011 CES those words hold true today only you have to change “white plastic” to “black plastic and android”, they had it running on everything from phones, tabs, tv sets, cars, refrigerators, headphones and so forth. So how did my predictions go then. Read more »

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