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2011 what year it will be part 1

Welcome to my predictions for 2011, for this year i decided to change the format a bit to make it more readable, more specific and a bit less vague, so this year I’m doing a top ten and two top fives, both for gaming and for the other stuff, which incidentally requires me to use two posts, otherwise you would be reading it for quite some time. so today we start with games, and in about a week or so the rest, and after that i have something planned that i know you all been waiting for, if i finish it soon then the first two months of 2011 would be pretty full for this site. Read more »

E3 2010 – Sony scorecard

Yea as always they didn’t disappoint, but there where only really 2.5  surprises the first was “Heroes on the move” which is a game that is an algamation of the ratchet & clank, jak & daxter and sly cooper universes.

The second one was twisted metal for ps3, and the last half was portal 2 though it’s not totally a surprise as i predicted it to happen when steam for mac was announced.

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E3 2010 – nintendo scorecard

As usual Nintendo fails to prove pachter right, it wasn’t a bad press conference just one with few surprises. though on the games side they where spot on which is not at all surprising if you take in consideration all pedigree of tier one IP’s they have that we haven’t seen in a while.

But as i said, few surprises, no WiiHD but other than that the rumors where spot on, basically the entire thing started with a zelda demo, which looks decent i guess though i don’t think it’s as 1 to 1 responsive as they claim, sure if you slash with your wiimote left to right link will do as well, but it’s not like you could carve your initials in the enemies. Read more »

E3 2010 – microsoft scorecard

Ok so i was worng about greenday and the new xbox and the social features.

But it’s not that far off as the only non exclusives they showed was the new Call of Duty: black ops and MGS Rising and music games are not exclusive by far. add to that the social features that kinect provides and were good on that front as well.

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E3 2010 – Sony predictions


  • The ps3 XMB is getting a total remake, not just new art or columns.
  • The ps3 is getting a paid premium account like the 360, but its supposedly cheaper and you wont loose stuff if your using a free account.
  • Agent will finally be revealed.
  • Move is supposedly be pretty cheap, at least in comparison to natal.
  • MGS: Peacewalker could be coming to the ps3, and maybe not just as a straight PSP to PSN port.
  • The ps3 will bring 3d gaming to 120Hz displays, that we know, but they might also do it for basically any display.
  • Sony has supposedly a lot of new big AAA titles for E3 reveal.
  • The PS3 might actually be turning a profit and have been for some time now. Read more »

E3 2010 – nintendo predictions


  • Nintendo 3DS might be showed at e3
  • The 3DS doesn’t just have a 3D display but also a 3D camera of some sort
  • The 3DS is coming sooner than expected
  • WiiHD
  • Zelda is the only rumored game

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E3 2010 – microsoft predictions


  • Natal may get pretty expensive, up to $150
  • Rumors of the 360s successor is doing the rounds, probably not this year thogh
  • Natal may really be called “Kinect”, i like natal better.
  • It may also be called wave.
  • the 360 may be getting live TV.
  • A slimmer 360 may be announced
  • may have up to 15 natal launch titles

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Earlier this year both Microsoft and Sony presented what they called the “Future of gaming” class of controllers, but whats really going on here.
To answer that we have to look at their technologies and then derive intent from that.
It’s two seemingly very different control schemes, but are they, one uses a time-of-flight (TOF) camera to sense it’s surroundings and most notably the depth of it, the other one uses a high res camera to sense it’s surroundings that while it can’t measure depth it can track certain objects on the z axis reasonably well, however it is augmented by a glowing ping pong ball on a stick for “sub pixel 3d tracking”, it also has buttons which are useful at times.
Both systems also have an array of microphones which makes it easier to track and filter out voices. Read more »

Sony E3 Keynote 09

Jack Tretton claims that over 364 new games will be released this year on the various playstation platforms, over 100 of them are PS2 titles

“uncharted 2: among thieves” was demoed, looks good with lots of stuff breaking and lots of dynamic environments, it will definitely be fun to play.

MAG, impressive demo where they showed a 256 player battle in realtime.

Next Kaz Hirai introduced the PSP GO, or “the worst kept secret at this e3” as he himself called it, it will have 16gb of internal memory plus expandability, it’s 40% lighter a feat possible trough the fact that it lacks a UMD drive and will cost $250 or €250 (with added euroscrew).
Comes October 1 in america.
And because of this all new released are no also digitally available Read more »

Nintendo E3 keynote 09

A new super mario bros is coming this holiday, no not the 3d crap Nintendo has been producing but rather something that looks a bit like the original super mario bros, but infinitely better graphics and 4 player co-op, looks pretty sweet.

Wii fit plus, is basically just some new software for wii fit, new exercises and games, you can now also choose to focus on a specific area of your body, great but does all of the above count as a specific area, and it’s still pretty flimsy, especially seeing as one of the mini games lets you play something that looks a lot like what mario does, which includes jumping.
Wii Motion plus was also shown but it’s basically the same as last year though it does seem like fun.
Redsteel2 was announced that it will require Wii motion plus. Read more »

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