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What the ps4 needs to get ahead of the xbox 720

So there is a better than 0% chance that we will see the new ps4 announced at this years E3, but heres the thing, the next console cycle is Sony’s to loose, so what will it take for it to get ahead of the next xbox in no particular order. Read more »

The Ps4?

So again theres the rumor going around that the ps3 is going to be presented at e3 this year, so nothing new under the sun except that it’s pretty early for those since they usually start popping up in april.
But this year it seems does have a really high chance of it actually appearing.
I don’t care what Pachter says, after all he did peg the next Wii for 2009, 2010 and 2011, so what does he know.
Instead lets examine the evidence.

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2011 the year of stuff

Wow it’s already 2012, what a year it has been, i mean just take a look at the impressive things that happened, bin laden, gadaffi and kim jong ill dead, the Iraq war ended, the arab spring, the occupy movement, portal 2, me loosing over 60 kilos and so on and so forth, it’s been an endless stream of good things.

Yet there has also been a lot of bad thing, like most of what’s being done in the us on the republican side, to me pure evil is when you punish an entire world just to get one guy (that you don’t like for no good reason) to loose his reelection and i see it every day in the news.
Also we lost  such dignitaries like Steve Jobs and Christopher Hitchens, i a perfect world all the people i admire would suddenly turn immortal, because Hitchens certainly deserves it, i just hope that they find a material hard enough for his statue, so that it won’t seem too soft in comparison to the real deal.
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To do list: summer 2011

So just a few things i want to get out here as to what i will be doing this summer in roughly the order i am going to do them, except the first as that  one i am working in paralell with everything else. Read more »

E3 2011 scorecard

E3 is uppon us so here is all that stuff along with the scorecards and other stuff.
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E3 2011 – Nintendo predictions

Nintendo has a lot of exiting things going on this year with the 3ds, wii2 and their game lineup, but i suspect that all is not well inside the company, they continue to have small dev teams, huge delays and frankly lackluster titles and that does not bode well when they are making the transition into the HD world, they have to make some pretty major internal changes and it better show in the press conference that they have this June 7:th at 9:00am PST (check you local timezones and watch it on
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E3 2011 – Sony predictions

Sony is in a weird position right now, they have a strong lineup of really great games, a new super powerful handheld console and they got things happening all over the place, in terms of market support they should be dominating, but between the 3DS, kinect and the new wii console i feel they been left out of the discussion a bit, and they only thing that has been up for discussion is the PSN, and that wasn’t exactly good for them.
Can they make up for this or are their only chance to win the E3 in the public eye to rool out the PS4, who knows but i guess we will see this June 6:th at 5:00pm PST (feels like a late night for me).
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E3 2011 – Microsoft predictions

So E3 is just a few weeks from now so it’s about time to give my opinion on what i think each major console manufacturer are planning for the show, now this year isn’t easy for get a grip on what is going to happen given the announcement of the wii successor and the whole PSN thing, i wouldn’t be surprised if some of that spilled over to the other press conferences.
First out is Microsoft on June 6:th at 9:00 am PST (i find it easier to just set up another clock with Los Angeles time and go by that than trying to convert it to my timezone).
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some updates

It’s been a while since i did one of these, but i really like you to get up to date on a few of these things so first things first, it’s been like six months since my surgery and im doing great, i have already lost like 40Kg (88Lbs) and can really start moving around a lot more, i mean when your at 197Kg (434Lbs) just sitting down is hard not to mention standing up or walking and now i walk like 3-4Km a day, so thats good. Read more »

Geometry shaders part 2

In this part we will be doing a bit of simple geometry instancing with a minecraft twist, basically what we are going to do is first generate a volumetric landscape of sorts, then render it using cubes, but not the usual way, we are going to do it as a particle system, which is i guess a little bit more than usual as it involves other stuff than strictly openGL, and since there are a few things i want to try out in this field you will be seeing more of it.
This tutorial assumes that you have all the stuff needed for part 1 and in addition texturing available. Read more »

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