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State of the bang 2014

So yea a little bit delayed with this one, but i have my reasons, first of all it’s been an interesting year, with a lot of ups and downs, while i didn’t accomplish much of what i wanted to do i did get a few things done anyway.

  • i got my toolkit out the door and up to github (check the latest tutorial series for that), i also got a lot of coding done after that, in fact i have spent on average 1-2 hour coding it every day since the last ludum dare.
  • I recently switched to visual studio 12 (which at the moment is the most recent one), i can only say good things about it, it even has a great git interface.
  • I also switched to c++11, i even got a new c++ book “The c++ programing language” by Bjarne Strousturp and as a consequence i have been rewriting a lot of code to make it as modern as i can, and honestly my code has gotten a lot less buggier, i haven’t had a single buffer overrun in two months since i switched to using vectors for a lot of stuff.
  • I wrote two games for Ludum Dare “the escape” and “grid war” and i hope to continue doing that. Read more »

GLZ toolkit – Textures, shaders, math and stuff

In this part we will discuss the various tools regarding textures and shaders but i will also touch a little on the “math” library which is not really a math library  but rather a collection of small neat little helper functions, a lot of which i have written over the last 15 years and still use pretty regularly.

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GLZ toolkit – installing

So its finally here version 1.0 of the GLZ toolkit, in these tutorials i am going to describe how it works is some detail.
I will do this in several parts
1. installing (this page)
2. GLZ basecode and starting up a blank project
3. textures, shaders, math and stuff
4. text and other 2d stuff
5. geometry generation
6. future and how to help

Now keep in mind that the entire project and especially the basecode was written in VC++ 2013 for windows and i am using more and more c++11 features, but the toolkit itself should be cross platform (using the latest compilers) and with any luck other platforms will be added in the future.
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LD48 # 26

So yea i am doing one more of these again and it’s starting in about two hours from now, i am going to update this page as i go as well as tweet it, but first things first.

1. last time didn’t go that well, i came almost last out of several hundreds of entries, so i somewhat limiting my scope this time, it’s going to be entirely 2D for starters and not use physics anymore complicated than what was used in super mario.
2. I am using this toolkit, it’s a somewhat updated version of the previous one and adds a few things i need for this game, like the ability to load a texture into cpu memory instead of gpu, and generating a x by y grid of sprites.
I am pretty sure there are going to be more things added as i go.

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So im going to take part in LD48 #24 which will be interesting, but in order for me to do so i need to quickly release the toolkit i am going to use and that i hinted at in my last post.

so without further procrastination here is a preview.

Now as this is only a preview i haven’t added a license yet so assume a basic gpl type license, basically use the code in whatever project you like  and give credits where credits are due, and for now don’t redistribute, only link back here.
(graphics and models are not included in the licence and are only there for now to show how it’s done)
And while coding is done (unless some major problems show up) i still need to write proper comments and documentation, but i won’t have time to do that until next week.


Anyway back to LD48 when the compo starts  1.00 Am on Saturday i will have only 48 hours to make a game based on a theme to be revealed then, i will be keeping everybody updated here, on twitter and on

OpenGL 4.3 and wishlist 5

OpenGL 4.3

So another sigraph and another openGL version, you can check out whats in it from basically any slightly openGL related website including
I have to start with a little disclaimer that i haven’t actually tried anything just yet but anyway here are some comments Read more »

some updates

It’s been a while since i did one of these, but i really like you to get up to date on a few of these things so first things first, it’s been like six months since my surgery and im doing great, i have already lost like 40Kg (88Lbs) and can really start moving around a lot more, i mean when your at 197Kg (434Lbs) just sitting down is hard not to mention standing up or walking and now i walk like 3-4Km a day, so thats good. Read more »

Geometry shaders part 3

Transform feedback, is one of the tools of the trade not often discussed on the net, in fact i couldn’t find a single tutorial, so i better write one. the essential function of this little feature is to enable you to do very complicated stuff in the geometry shader, stuff that would inevitably make things run slowly, or to assemble a vbo using tiny little parts and then save it to a buffer for later use, or for that matter constant use. Read more »

Geometry shaders part 2

In this part we will be doing a bit of simple geometry instancing with a minecraft twist, basically what we are going to do is first generate a volumetric landscape of sorts, then render it using cubes, but not the usual way, we are going to do it as a particle system, which is i guess a little bit more than usual as it involves other stuff than strictly openGL, and since there are a few things i want to try out in this field you will be seeing more of it.
This tutorial assumes that you have all the stuff needed for part 1 and in addition texturing available. Read more »

Geometry shaders part 1

New in OpenGL 3.2 is so called geometry shaders, if you don’t know what they are then what the essentially do is allow you to create new or duplicate geometry. Like instead of drawing a bunch of cubes one after another you could just render a point cloud and let the geometry shader “upgrade” them to cubes, which is probably how i would render minecraft if i where it’s creator, which i would if i had a hat half as awesome as notch does.
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