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State of the bang 2014

So yea a little bit delayed with this one, but i have my reasons, first of all it’s been an interesting year, with a lot of ups and downs, while i didn’t accomplish much of what i wanted to do i did get a few things done anyway.

  • i got my toolkit out the door and up to github (check the latest tutorial series for that), i also got a lot of coding done after that, in fact i have spent on average 1-2 hour coding it every day since the last ludum dare.
  • I recently switched to visual studio 12 (which at the moment is the most recent one), i can only say good things about it, it even has a great git interface.
  • I also switched to c++11, i even got a new c++ book “The c++ programing language” by Bjarne Strousturp and as a consequence i have been rewriting a lot of code to make it as modern as i can, and honestly my code has gotten a lot less buggier, i haven’t had a single buffer overrun in two months since i switched to using vectors for a lot of stuff.
  • I wrote two games for Ludum Dare “the escape” and “grid war” and i hope to continue doing that. Read more »

Merry yulemas

So it’s that time of the year again for a little gift, this time its the first 3 parts of 6 of my toolkit tutorials which are all going to be released before the new year.
I was originally planning to release the next 3 as well but, i have been doing a lot of rewriting to the 2D part of the toolkit so it will have to way a little bit.
I just recently did another LD48, so look forward to that as well pretty soon along with another little surprise.
I will talk more about it in the state of the bang next week.

State of the bang 2012-2013

Welcome to my first annual (and possibly only the the way i keep changing this) state of the bang in where i talk about what happened and my thoughts on what i like to do in the future.

So first off i finally participated in Ludum Dare, it’s a insane competition in where you have to make a game in 48 hours, do i need to say that it was sort of a failure for me, but i did learn a bunch of things about what my toolkit really needs and a few other things, like proper preparation and smaller scope. Read more »

some updates

It’s been a while since i did one of these, but i really like you to get up to date on a few of these things so first things first, it’s been like six months since my surgery and im doing great, i have already lost like 40Kg (88Lbs) and can really start moving around a lot more, i mean when your at 197Kg (434Lbs) just sitting down is hard not to mention standing up or walking and now i walk like 3-4Km a day, so thats good. Read more »

under the knife

By this time tomorrow i will be at the hospital getting ready to have surgery first thing Monday morning and at the moment i am somewhat nervous to say the least, but hopefully it will allow will turn a new leaf and get on the right track. If all goes well i will be up and about by Tuesday, though in case i don’t well i really don’t care at that point. Read more »


Eagle eyed readers may have noticed a slight change in the design of this page, that’s because i am now using wordpress instead of my own home cooked variant. it’s really in an effort to be able to post more and post efficiently.

Read more »

2009 – end of a decade

You know the drill now add a bit about the last 10 years, there you go.

Wii – so they dropped their price that’s about it besides another Mario game, they really have to step it up, I mean the price drop was only because the ps3 came within $50 at a time from the price of a wii, and the 360 is already down there with their cheapest package (cheap yea, but useless).
Xbox 360 – Well they had a their halo game (ODST) and teased Halo 4, they call it “Halo Reach” but it has the chief in it so it’s halo 4 even though it’s a prequel.
No gears at E3 but dude huge is working on something, and it’s most likely Gears 3.
Biggest news was natal set for release sometime late next year.
PS3 – killzone 2, R&C: a crack in time, uncharted 2, inFamous, all great, a few delays like God of War 3, GT5 and heavy rain and M.A.G. All of them are great.
Ps3 slim and the price drop was the biggest news though, I got the total amount correct but not why and when, although at the time I doubt that even Sony knew.
And yea E3 Was huge for sony, especially with their new motion controllers. Read more »

O hai

O hai there Internet didn’t see you there, maybe you where wondering what I was up to.
Ok then maybe a quick preview.

First, I am in the process of maybe starting my own little company so I have been a bit preoccupied with that, and in that process I am also rethinking the purpose of this site, previously I have been forced (well according to the format of the site) to write larger rants or maybe whole detailed tutorials, well in my opinion it’s been a bit inflexible, having only smaller posts doesn’t suit me either, I tried such a system, and it didn’t work that well.

Also I have over 50 posts and it’s starting to be a bit crowded on the right.
So what’s the solution then, well i’m transforming the site a little, away goes the big wall of text that greets you, instead you will meed a wall of links and presentation of the sites content think, or Read more »

Recent updates

Ok, a lot has happened recently, so let me update you on things and thoughts I had.
First, I finally got a real job, I am now a professional web programmer, not exactly my first choice but hey you can’t get it all, well at least it allows me to develop some ideas I have while I’m getting paid for doing things, and the upside is that it’s a pretty flexible job, being deadline based and all, I can take an extra long lunch if I need to as long as I get things done on time.
Fortunately I do a lot of back end work so deadlines and jobs are reasonably evenly spaced and phased, most of the time.

Anyway moving on to anime, my current anime viewing list is

Slayers revolution
Zero no tsukaima 3
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
ToLoveRu – Trouble

See at least some of them or forfeit you license to be of the ruling class when I take over the world. Read more »

Out with the old

Today I say farewell to a great thing, a thing I have looked upon for hours at end for the last 5 years.
It served me well when I needed it to and it allowed me to shoot further away, it made antialiasing obsolete and not to mention how it heated up the room those cold winter nights.

the one

I hadn’t planed replacing it for some time but a month or so ago I think it sprung a leak in one or two capacitors, and ever since then it got blurrier and blurrier and not to mention that I had to degauss it 3 times a day, in the end (read yesterday) it decided it where going to pack it in and leave basically all text below 14pt totally unreadable. Read more »

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