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Playing catch up

This post will be the last one I write… on this computer, the reason being the pile of assorted powerful computer parts on the floor, though it will take some time before it can permanently turn this computer off, but it’s worth it.
I chose an Intel core 2 quad cpu and the new 9600gt (which is so hot of the manufacturing floor it’s still sort of luke warm) series among other things.
But for now prepare for another composite post.

I suggest these series (in no apparent order), see them or fail as a human being.

Lucky star
Minami-ke Okawari
You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
Hayate no Gotoku
Rosario + Vampire Read more »

Say cheese

I got myself a late Christmas present today, I bought a cheap (relatively speaking) DSLR camera, a Nikon D200.

It’s one of the top ten best DSLRs out there and I like it, seriously, it can do so much, for example, it works perfectly with older Nikon lenses so I has a blast running around with my mothers old micro nikkor taking macro pictures of everything, another thing is the shear rate it can take pictures at, 5 per second it takes pictures with 12Bit of dynamic range(yours have 8), and it can be tricked into taking HDR images. Read more »

Pee Ess Three

So a little update is in hand i guess, and i really should have like two weeks ago, or the day after the last post, but if you can tell from the smile on my face i went and bought a PS3 last week and i have been occupied by this quite a lot.

That’s right i went ahead with the final step in the plan i set out for two years ago right after they announced this.

68..69… and 70

Yea that’s right it took me 3 weeks to make my little firebug a mighty lvl 70.
But that’s not really what i what to rant about, you see i have a little secret, i use windows, and like it, and it’s not because i think it’s the best one, no far from it, windows sucks and the other ones are better.

But here is the catch, they suck even more, even if they are better in some areas.
Linux for instance, great kernel, but it’s designed by geeks for geeks and that makes it slightly complicated to operate, not to mention the lack of unity throughout the system.
Now the mac on the other hand is designed by apple zombies for morons, it has a ui designed for looks rather than sanity, a security policy that is based on the fact they only have like 1% of all systems, and yea, their followers are nuts.

Now don’t get me wrong but, the whole issue about Microsoft stealing ideas from mac os is just wrong, take the whole gadget/widget debacle, wasn’t it apple that stole those from Microsoft, i can distinctly remember those tiny win 3.11 apps you got from computer magazines, and although it wasn’t as integrated as the widgets, they did about the same things, this just proves two things i have been saying all along, 1. creativity is all about knowing what to steal and combine 2. computer software is all about evolution, revolution is no more, that is why it was renamed to something i do in the morning.
I am pretty sure Apple will steal stuff from Vista in Mac OS 11, that fancy 3d version of alt+tab is in jeopardy, so is the Aeroglass theme in some respects.

Now about vista, i wouldn’t recommend it, but i will probably get it for myself (legally even) when i upgrade my computron, The ui looks nice not at all that GGCC (Garish Gloss Coated Crap) stuff apple drops from time to time, it has few of those “lifestyle” applications, just moviemaker, i know it’s cheesy but surprisingly even i can find a use for it.
And even though it’s far from perfect (i am still waiting for IE8 and see if it is any good as IE7 was a bust) i would consider upgrading, but not until just after the first large “whooopsie” upgrade.

Ok, on to other issues, i am finally getting ready to add another OpenGL tutorial, it will be about shadow depth maps, it will be sweet, i am also working on a new game with a “unique” style, if it works out i might pitch it to Sony.

R.I.P Sweden

This Sunday was a tragic day, the alliance – of four right wing parties – won the election, this is bad for everybody but them.
Why? you ask, well it’s simple, they have suggested a lot of drastic changes (over 200 of them) and most of those changes will be implemented by the end of the year.
And for you who don’t know what that means i have a motor cycle metaphor to go with that.
Imagine your on a really fast motor cycle going strait forward at OMG speeds.
Now imagine your suddenly turning 90 degreed to the right, without slowing down or leaning in the curve, that’s maximum hurtage folks, and it’s about to happen to Sweden.

On a positive side though
1. I will probably get a job more easily next year, and to continue on my world domination plan.
2. They only won by just less than 2% witch means that they only got 178 vs 171 seats in the parliament, so the left side can exploit the fact that the other side only need to have 4 absentees or 4 dissidents to win a vote, this actually happens often, in fact a minority can sometimes achieve good results against a “united” majority when it’s this close.

So what is going to happen then, in the future i mean.
And the short answer is, i don’t know.
And with “i don’t know” i mean i don’t know about the stuff that is not OMGWTFPOINES obvious, it is obvious that they don’t have a real plan for moving away from our oil addiction, they don’t have a plan for peak oil, and i don’t think they care either, seriously, Fredrik Rienfeldt – our next PM – said in an interview right after the election “if we don’t meet the economic goals we will not be reelected”, which is true but the correct answer would have been “We will work hard to not let that happen” same thing one might say, but it does tell a little about the intention, what Fredrik is saying is “i don’t care about the result, i just want to do my thing”.
Hmm… interesting, so he doesn’t care, and it is gunning for only one term two at best, well i can’t tell, can anyone really, let me just say that i don’t have any great “faith” in them.

But then again, to me faith is a bad word, and insult even or the eight sin if you lean that way.

spambot menace

Recently this site has been under attack from one or more spambots, i hate them, they have forced me to include various antispam measures, such as the ever popular magic word you have to type in.
Though i have to admit that this version is not that secure, but if they think it’s worth programing a special bot just for my site, well that’s their money they are spending as i can just reprogram my site to follow another behavior.

So spambots, begone with you, if you come here i will resist you.

*Overlord crits the spambots for 2.2K worth of damage.*

Call me uncle

That’s right as the title says, my sister gave birth to a healthy 4kilo lump of a boy a few hours ago (8 to be exact at writing time) witch apparently makes me uncle overlord.

Here are some random pics of the little brat (ok, in all fairness we can’t yet tell if he is a brat or not)

The little one.

His parents.

Evil looking, isn’t he.

Realtimeish graphics stuff

It has been a slow news month, although E3 sure did impress i thought i write a little about what i have been going for the last month or so.

You see a while ago aquired the rights to Neon Helium productions or NeHe for short.
And with that came the promise to revamp the website and lessons, this is now being done with the help of a handful of community regulars, and this includes me.
Currently we haven’t gotten that far as we are currently discussing things like writing standards and functional specifications of the base code to lesson 1, and on top of that our dev wiki apparently died a day ago, but i hope that soon we will start to get things together an actually produce something.

Now the new lessons won’t be like the previous ones (well ok, some will) but i think that they will rather follow the current developments in real time computer graphics, for instance vertex buffer objects are now on lesson45, this was fine like 5 years ago, but today most if not all software use vertex arrays and vertex buffer objects, so one person suggested that vertex arrays would be moved up to like lesson5 and VBO’s shortly thereafter, i agree on this.

Another thing to consider is the span of hardware people use, on the Nehe forums i have seen everything from the latest of the latest of the most powerful and hardware that was hardly top of the line during the voodoo days (as in 3DFX voodoo, not the religion, but it may as well be that since to run modern stuff on that stuff you will need some real magic).
Now this span is troublesome to game programmers and artists out there since you always want to use thee best of the best and still have as many players as possible, one great indicator of this is World of Warcraft, for all it’s greatness it is still the definition of low poly modeling, they could have done it better.
Instead game developers are now trying to add as many add on effects for people with the graphics power to turn on.
The new lessons will also reflect this need of graphics throttling, i am pretty sure that supersampling, true motion blur and FSAA tuts are needed, but we also need to make sure that whatever can adjust the quality/speed ratio should.
Along this the new lessons should teach the proper way to do things according to the strengths and weaknesses of modern graphics accelerators.

To tell you the truth, i am a bit exited about this, NeHe is a pretty popular place and whatever we produce it will have an impact on a lot of new openGL based software, in fact it will have a slight effect on how real time graphics are developing, this has an undeniably great coolness factor to it.
It would be cool if ATI and NVIDIA started to request custom lessons from us, or if the ARB asked us to write a new extension or two.

And on an related issue, tutorial 03 (HDR) is in the works, but don’t hold your breath just yet, i need to build and texture some custom geometry first to really show the power of normal mapping, tut 02 a-c will also get updated geometry, textures and normal map as soon as i complete the high def base mesh of around 10 million polygons.

Working in the quiet

I’m all vented and have nothing to write, and i have a good reason for it, but that’s a secret project i have and I’ll tell you about it when i am nearly finished.

But i do have a few things to vent about, I finally got out of the ping pong game over at AMS and i am finally getting some money, unfortunately I’m still unemployed and that just sucks.
And as a part of being unemployed i have as an side effect way to much free time on my hands.
So I’m spending it on several projects i have, one of them is the secret project i mentioned on the top, i won’t mention them, but the other ones are.

Been working on better technology for my Coldfire Engine.
Been working on a better exporter for Coldfire, got stuck like you never believe it.
Worked on a top down space shooter called f-wing
Played solitaire, bejeweled 2, and a lot of it.
Worked on an idea for a new bejeweled style game, it might still make it.
Been working on a heavy space carrier model for f-wing with normal maps and everything.
Been working towards making a demo with Coldfire, but I’m not there yet.
Been lifting weights, getting results to.
Started typing up some semi advanced openGL tutorials based on the NeHe series, when i get to a couple of them i will post them.

On to the next subject, anime.
Believe it or not but the spring season is here and there is some fine anime coming out of of the land of cat torture and karaoke bars, like Kyou no Go no Ni, Himawari and last but not least Disgaea which is always a sure bet.
There is a lot more coming, new episodes are coming in faster than i can watch them, currently i got 43 episodes in my unseen folder and i just saw a few more new series on baka updates, when will it end, never i hope.

E3 is approaching and it does look like the console war is going from cold to hot this year, the PS3 is going to be (hopefully) released this November and still nothing from Sony, in fact most of the press the PS3 has gotten is all a part of the wake behind last years press conference, and sony said nothing since then (beside the approximate release date).
So what is going to happen with the PS3 from now to it’s release.
At E3 they are gonna spare nothing and tell it all, sort of, lot’s of video footage, maybe even some in game and it could even be playable at E3, though it will probably be one of the fake ones like the X360 last year.
Lot’s of games will be announced, last years E3 has like 15-20 games in the show reel, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the game count would top 100 this time.
Even so, more will be announced this summer.
Sony will start airing ads sometime during this fall, this campaign will reach it’s climax around Christmas (earlier in japan), and at the same time the release games will be announced, they will be a part of Sony’s campaign.
Finally, one week before release in the respective regions Sony will air adds that will be unprecedented in length, they will rock your mind and you won’t be able to ignore them.
It’s all a part of making sure to steal the thunder from X360, but don’t worry Sony, you managed to do that at last years E3.

I’m waiting Sony, blow my mind.

H5N1: death from above

So this has been my week so far.
Within 24 hours of my last post i got the flu, or something worse, since my immune system is top notch it has to be something like H5N1 or possibly the Ebola virus
So the last week my body has felt like Peter Stormare just un-pimped my auto, and with auto i mean my body.

In other news conroe is released, and frankly its preformance shocked not only me but others to, had to redo the tests to be sure of the results they where getting, 20% more performance than AMD64 X2 with a clock speed about 133MHz higher, just wait until the 3GHz model comes, way to go Intel.

Also Nvidia regained the throne it lost to the x1900XTX(way to many x-es fore my taste) a few weeks ago with their new GF7900GTX, if ever so slightly though.
I still think the g80(or nv50 if you prefer) will be as much a revolution as the NV40 was, but we will just have to wait and see.

I have been thinking of putting a few advanced openGL tutorial series here, the first one will be about FBO, then possibly GLSlang shading.
But it has to wait to at least after my head stops feeling like i just had a lobotomy with a rusty nail.

And Finally, I don’t know how many times i and my peers will have to repeat this.
RIAA, MPAA, IFPI and all the other DRM-loving necrophiliacs i have one thing to say, DRM doesn’t work, it never has, never should and it never will.
Just because your eternally flawed DRM anti copying mechanisms can kill people doesn’t mean they should.

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