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DSLR wish list

So i have had the camera for about two weeks now and i have taken about 1000 images and I have gotten the feel of it, it’s truly great, I have also read reviews for the D3 and D300, they seem even greater, but still I do feel there are a few things missing, so here is my wish list for the D4 and D400.

1. HDR:
With every digital Nikon generation the dynamic range between max light and min light as been ever so slightly increasing, likewise have the bit depths also been rising.
Soon there will come a time where the down sampling just doesn’t behave well while shooting in jpeg, that is why I suggest two things.

The first is the HDR button located on the same place as the Qual button is now on the D200 (the qual button should be near the menu button just like on the D80), while pressed the back wheel controls the dynamic range, or essentially the contrast of the image, the front wheel adjusts the mid tone weighting, of cause shooting raw ignores all that.

The next addition is a HDR shooting mode accessible either trough the bracketing function or the shooting mode selector wheel on the top left (the one under the ISO/WB/QUAL buttons).
This mode takes either one or several pictures with different exposures to create a full 32bit HDR image with a really high dynamic range (adjustable through the menu), this mode always shoots RAW. Read more »

Say cheese

I got myself a late Christmas present today, I bought a cheap (relatively speaking) DSLR camera, a Nikon D200.

It’s one of the top ten best DSLRs out there and I like it, seriously, it can do so much, for example, it works perfectly with older Nikon lenses so I has a blast running around with my mothers old micro nikkor taking macro pictures of everything, another thing is the shear rate it can take pictures at, 5 per second it takes pictures with 12Bit of dynamic range(yours have 8), and it can be tricked into taking HDR images. Read more »

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