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State of the bang 2014

So yea a little bit delayed with this one, but i have my reasons, first of all it’s been an interesting year, with a lot of ups and downs, while i didn’t accomplish much of what i wanted to do i did get a few things done anyway.

  • i got my toolkit out the door and up to github (check the latest tutorial series for that), i also got a lot of coding done after that, in fact i have spent on average 1-2 hour coding it every day since the last ludum dare.
  • I recently switched to visual studio 12 (which at the moment is the most recent one), i can only say good things about it, it even has a great git interface.
  • I also switched to c++11, i even got a new c++ book “The c++ programing language” by Bjarne Strousturp and as a consequence i have been rewriting a lot of code to make it as modern as i can, and honestly my code has gotten a lot less buggier, i haven’t had a single buffer overrun in two months since i switched to using vectors for a lot of stuff.
  • I wrote two games for Ludum Dare “the escape” and “grid war” and i hope to continue doing that. Read more »

HTML 6 wishlist

Now i know that by the looks of it we will never have HTML 6, but humor me a bit on that one point, now i have done my fair share of websites and HTML coding both professionally and otherwise and there are definitely limitations and annoyances with html and im sure that after about 2 minutes of googling you might find 200 pages saying the same thing.
But these here in this list is definitely some that i think needs adding. Read more »

What is Web 3.0

Indeed what is web 3.0, if you read wikipedia you will read a short segment about the “semantic web” which is essentially about making human readable pages machine readable as well and vise versa. But to me that doesn’t sound that three-point-oh-ish, especially if you take in consideration that 2.0 is all about collaboration and sharing, in my mind you have to use some common factor to quantify what version it is. Read more »

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